Pro – Active Collagen Lemon (Authentic) 600ml Liquid 20%free

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Collagen Pro-active Liquid

Collagen is essential protein in the body, as they grow older, decreases rapidly, especially in women, causing aging. Represents 30% of the total body protein and more than 75% of the protein that makes up the skin.
For the first time in Greece is available miraculous drinking liquid hydrolyzed collagen, a product which is a top technology development in collagen, as is readily absorbable by the body, more efficient than ever and more importantly, no side effects on our body.
Stimulating natural collagen levels of our body, beneficial joints, teeth, bones. Moreover, strengthen elasticity and stimulating our skin, contributing both to our health and maintain a youthful, lively freshness, revitalized appearance in the most simple, natural and effective manner.

The Pro Active Liquid Collagen is necessary and recommended :
In people suffering from arthritic problems .
For those who wish to rejuvenate their skin ( wrinkle reduction – youthful appearance ) .
To those who are facing hair loss or damaged and thinning hair .
To those who wish to strengthen their nails .
Those who exercised regularly .
In overweight people or people who are forced to lead a sedentary life .
In people who are on a diet for better metabolism .
In women who have cellulite problem
In the modern man to watch both the external appearance and internal well-being

Why oral form?
Scientific studies have shown that the specific formula Pro Active Liquid Collagen Liquid is understandable, digestible and absorbed by the body at a rate of over 90%, something impossible to succeed, both the tablets and capsules. The sensory specificity of this has resulted in improved efficiency of active ingredients.

Collagen Pro Active Liquid

Liquid Drinking Collagen for Skin, Hair, Nail & Joint Health

Lemon taste

Instructions for use:

1 scoop 20-25 ml daily in a glass of water, preferably before bedtime.

Its use is not recommended in the acute phase of any disease, in pregnancy and lactation, in patients with renal insufficiency and with cirrhosis of the liver.
Suitable for diabetics.
Does not contain preservatives or artificial colors.
Overdose can cause diarrhea.

The Pro Active Liquid Collagen has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Ministry of Health of England and is No. IV. EOF 78511/18-11-2010.

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